Company Overview

With over a decade’s experience in the PRC expressway operation industry, Qilu Expressway Company Limited is an expressway operator in Shandong Province, with the Concession Right to construct, maintain, operate and manage the Jihe Expressway during the Concession Period. The Jihe Expressway runs from Jinan City to Heze City through nine districts/counties under four cities in the Shandong Province with a total length of approximately 153.6 km. The Jihe Expressway forms part of the Fifth Connecting Line and the Eight Vertical Line of the Shandong 9-5-1-7 Expressway Network and connects to a number of industrial zones and renowned tourist attractions in Shandong Province. It is a key section of the G35 National Expressway and connects the traffic on the Jihe Expressway to the Bohai Economic Rim, the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta.
Our Company’s history dates back to 2004, when the Jihe Expressway Company, the predecessor of our Company, was established on 6 January 2004 as a limited liability company under the applicable PRC laws. At the time of its establishment, the Jihe Expressway Company was owned by two shareholders, namely Shandong Construction (then known as Shandong Luneng Infrastructural Engineering Investment Company Limited) and Shandong Highway Bureau (then known as the Highway Bureau of the Shandong Provincial Transport Department), which held 60.00% and 40.00% equity interest in the Jihe Expressway Company, respectively. In March 2011, COSCO SHIPPING (Hong Kong) acquired from the Shandong Highway Bureau 40.00% equity interest in the Jihe Expressway Company. On 6 December 2016, our Company was converted into a sino-foreign joint stock company with limited liability with the name ‘‘Qilu Expressway Company Limited’’. As at the Latest Practicable Date, our registered share capital was RMB1,500 million. Qilu Transportation, COSCO SHIPPING (Hong Kong) and Shandong Construction held 51.90%, 40.00% and 8.10% equity interest, respectively, in our Company.
The company’s headquarter was set 10 major units, which are Office of the Board, General Office, Party Operation Department, Human Resources Department, Corporate Management Department, Financial Management Department, Safety Operation Department, Information Technology Department, Project Maintenance Department and Audit and Legal Department, and 7 functional Units, including Changqing Management Centre, Xiaoli Management Centre, Pingyin Management Centre, Pingyin South Management Centre, Dongping Management Centre, Liangshan Management Centre, Jiaxiang Management Centre as well as 1 University City Project office and 1 Maintenance and emergency response centre. As a supplement to the toll road business, a subsidiary of the Company, Shandong Shunguang Culture Media Company, was incorporated and engaged in the outdoor advertising production and distribution along the Jihe Expressway.
We have a visionary, experienced and stable management team. Under their leadership, we have won awards and honours like First Class Honour of Major Provincial Transportation Project Accomplishment, Leading Unit in Creating Civilised Industry under the Eleventh Five-year, Outstanding Team of Provincial Expressway Maintenance and Management Works under the Eleventh Five-year Plan, Top Ten Civilised Brand of Highway Systems in the Shandong Province, Outstanding Unit under National Trunk Highway Maintenance and Management under The Twelfth Five-year Plan and Model Team of 2015 National Highway Transportation System.